Let's Smash January's New 30 Day Challenge!!!

I know it is not easy to change your lifestyle and alter those ingrained habits have often sabotaged your goals.  As the official "Hiit Nutritionist" I promise to be your own private coach!  If you haven't signed up for our New 30 Day Challenge starting in January-DO IT HERE.  I am GIDDY with excitement about what we have in store for you!  There is going to be a whole TEAM of us supporting you every step of the way. Workouts, motivation, nutrition advice and MUCH more!

Let's DO this!

Write down your goal

This may seem obvious and, to many people, unnecessary.   But I assure you, having helped hundreds of people in my weight loss clinics, it is a critical first step!  However, to be effective, your goal has to very specific and include short term goals in addition to your “ultimate” goal.  So instead of saying “I want to lose 40lbs,” try breaking it down to “I want to lose 2lbs per week for a total of 40lbs in 20 wks.” Or "I want to be able to do 20 full push-ups by the end of this 30 Day Challenge."  These are measurable goals and will help you keep track of your progress and make you FEEL GOOD!

Set a plan of action

Now that your goals are in written form.  Its time to take a good look at your track record and the obstacles that have sabotaged your best efforts and previously prevented you from reaching your goals.  Be honest with yourself!  Then write a list of the small things you can do to prevent the same obstacles from taking you off course again.  This could mean making exercise the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning so that your busy workday or family commitments don’t get in the way of your commitment to yourself.

Scream it from the rooftops (Do it NOW in the comments!)

If you don’t commit to being successful by sharing your commitment with friends and family, you will have no accountability.   In my experience, no accountability = failure.  In my practice I recommend that weight loss clients see me at least once a week.  I can’t tell you how many clients have told me they don’t need regular coaching sessions.  "I can do it on my own once I have a plan and know what to eat." they say.  What I can tell you is that very few people can do it alone.   Anyone who ventures to do it on their own quickly finds out how easy it is to make excuses for themselves.  Do yourself a favour, buddy up with someone who can be tough yet supportive and provide the accountability that is absolutely critical to your success.

Give yourself a break

This is so important, especially with your nutrition.  It is much easier to ensure you follow along with the workout part of the 30 Day Challenge once a day, than it is to eat perfectly 24/7.  Stop trying to reach for perfection at every turn and give yourself permission to occasionally fall off track.  Yes, this may seem the complete opposite to what you would think a hard-nosed coach like myself would say.  However, understand that perfection is not attainable long term.  You will drive yourself crazy with this kind of unrealistic standard!  Not only that, but I find "perfection" is the #1 reason why so many people completely fall off track and head for the nearest fast food joint.  When (notice I say “when” not “if”) you don’t plan ahead, and go too long without eating, thus experiencing a low blood sugar craving that has you ordering a chocolate brownie with your afternoon coffee, take responsibility.  Review what events created the pitfall and put a plan in place to do better next time.  Don’t throw in the towel over one poor meal or dessert!  Give yourself a break, it is behind you, keep walking forward, you can do it!

Start already!

I know you have all made New Year's Resolutions before.  I also know that most New Year's resolutions fail.  This time is going to be different.  This time NOTHING is going to get in your way!  If you're already thinking of all the commitments you have and how your busy life has often squashed your goals.  Let me ask you a question. When is it going to be the "right" time to lose weight or get in the best shape of your life?  When is it going to be "easy?" When are you not going to have a birthday party to attend, or holiday to enjoy?  The truth is NEVER.  Getting healthy is something that you are going to achieve this year, starting with this challenge!  Because if not now, when?  How many times have you promised yourself that Monday you would start working out and eating healthy and then Monday came and went and nothing in your life changed?  Making a commitment to your health isn't about the right time. It is about making a commitment to putting YOU and YOUR health FIRST because I promise, if you don't, nobody else will.

Make the commitment!  Leave a comment below and tell me you are going to do this with us!  I'm doing it too and I will be blogging and posting pictures right along with you.  You can also reach out to me on my Facebook page Ciara Foy Nutrition for nutrition tips and motivation.

Are you with me?

Ciara Foy

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