Life Hack: Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Think of all the time and money you have wasted on getting clothes dry-cleaned, or replacing worn out and over-washed clothes. We have compiled your ultimate guide to keeping clothes looking fresher longer! Your Favourite Jeans  Many of us have that magical pair of jeans that fits us just right and goes with any outfit. If you're too in love with your jeans to replace them, always wash them in cold water. Hand washing denim in a sink is best, but if you must machine wash, remember to keep it on a cool cycle. Your Bathing Suit Washing out your yellow polka dot bikini right after use gets out the bulk of sand, sunblock and chlorine debris. Wash your suit in cold water in the sink with a small amount of liquid detergent and avoid ringing it out afterwards as this can stretch the elastic fibres. Also, do not dry it in the sun as the rays can fade the colours of your suit. Bras Your delicates are just that - delicate. This means they are not meant to be tossed in the washing machine. Hand wash bras with a few capfuls of mild detergent. Dry them by pressing them with a towel. Hanging them by the straps to dry can cause stretching of the fabric fibres as the cups are heavy when waterlogged. Cashmere Hand washing is best for cashmere. Filling your tub with cold water and use baby shampoo to delicately wash this material. Press a towel on the material to dab out excess water and place your garments flat on the towel to dry them. Got any clothes preserving tips of your own? Let us know!  

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