What do you do when life hits?

What do you do when life hits? Make lemonade right? Atleast that's what they say? ... well what do you REALLY do when life hits and everything comes crashing down, while trying to maintain your sanity? I've recently gone through several changes and unfortunately not only did life hiit me, but it knocked me flat on my ass.  Which has also led to my lack of contribution for my own blog. Please skip the next seven paragraphs if you do not want to listen to my public venting (bit**ing)! I'd say for a while I was in pretty decent control of my life. Landed a pretty kick ass job, opened up my own company, having the love of my life by my side and training for the next set of goals in my fitness "career" with my new fitness team. well... After 5 years, the love of my life decided that "I am everything he has ever wanted... but I am not what he needs." Talk about a kick in the gut...but worse. Then, I get rear ended by some maniac on my lunch break which lands my truck in the shop for two months due to $12k+ worth of damages ... I was lucky enough to only walk away with a slight concussion, shoulder and back pain pain and two months of physical therapy. Which leads to my next venting segment... Due to the three physical therapy appointments per week alongside maintaining a 75+ hour extremely high stress work week, training time was nearly (clearly) impossible. Being the little baby beast that I am, even losing a weekend in the gym can cause a mini breakdown. Fast forward seven weeks to the day I am finally able to step foot back in the gym! *Hooray! I needed something to focus on and get my mind clear. Keep in mind, I am still feeling all the symptoms of complete heartbreak. I decided it was finally time to get that sparkly pink bikini  and stoned clear heels out of the closet and put them to use..... Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about doing another fitness competition! So there I am, 15 weeks out, a little "softer" as they like to say in fitness land, with lots of time lost and stress level through the roof ......difficult, but not impossible... Looks like life is starting to pick back up again right? WRONG!! For choice of better words I will say, due to "personality differences" (aka, I don't take sh*t from people, especially meatheads on a power trip) I decided to part ways with my trainer and fitness team. So say goodbye to competition win #3!

Recap for those who skipped through my public meltdown. Severe heartbreak + car accident + trainers on a power trip = my life.

So now what? What do you do when life hits you hard and you feel like "nobody understands?"
It’s always much easier to give up and blame others for our unhappiness. But fighters don’t choose the easy way out. I had to sit myself down, write out the things that I was unhappy about and rather than blaming others or just wallowing in my own self pity ("why does this always happen to me") I took action instead..
One thing I struggle with is taking on too much at once. I had to make myself take a step back, refocus and prioritize the things that are really important to me (ones that I am able to control). I found myself to be extremely frustrated with everything that was happening, one because not everything I was able to control but just the simple fact that I was so emotional it was making it difficult to deal with the rest of my life. After my mini "reality check" I gave myself, it allowed me to move forward. Realizing I can't control all of these situations, a breakup, some idiot rear ending me, stress at work, ect ect. What I can control is my reactions to each situation. Taking on more and more is just going to lead to more stress, more stress results in lost time at the gym with no results, less time at the gym equals lower self esteem.

Even if you hit a wall, you just have to keep going.

As simple, and possibly not shocking advice, that is what helped me feel better and get me back on track. Taking action and just get back up and start running again.

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