Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs You Are Not Alone

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes you feel alone and just need a break.  Even though you are surrounded by friends and family you may feel alone isolated and feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.  It's always easier to look outside yourself for the answers.  Few people know where you have been and a few can tell you which path to take, but the most important few will hold your hand for the journey.  It is this time that you need not look else where but inside yourself for the answers within.  We all have a lot to be thankful for and sometimes our thoughts can be misconstured. Contentment is something we are continuasly searching for. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball.  Unwanted disapointments, losses and betrayls putting our mind set back to square.  You have three choices: Backwards. Do nothing choose to be undetermined watch your inner self crumble (your self esteem) day by day until eventually your self worth is in shambles. This choice is cowardly and requires no effort and is most self destructive.  You can fake it to make it but there is a pain inside that sets in when you turn your back on life. Tread water.  Hanging on taking one step forward one day taking one step backwards the next.  This is average you realize your potential.  Your mind playing good cop bad cop.  Treading water may seem comfortable or safe.  You have been in this spot before and you repeat this cycle so often that it has become normal.  Sporadically you see an outline of changes you desire but have doubts that you may never achieve these aspirations. It’s frustrating and can be painful in it’s own right. Fear and doubts play a larger roll that something is missing, and something wonderful is just beyond your grasp. Don't Look Back Your Not Going That Way – this requires discipline and a constant positive inner voice of reasurrance.  It is a struggle but as the old saying goes get knocked down seven times and get back up eight.  Using each day as a building block in all aspects of your life that you lacked dedication, and commitiment.  This takes perserverance and a strong mind set. You may not see how far you have come in the first week or two but but the effort, perseverance and strength that you have been developing in your life into your sense of self esteem and self worth.  Everyday is a new day, take a new breath, try to be a better person ... one day at a time.

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