Life With a Micro Penis

Dick identity is an essential part of manhood. Society corresponds penis size with manliness, and how big one's penis apparently equals how much that man can out man another man or something like that. Not to mention the sexual aspect, as society decidedly put forth that women prefer men to be more well endowed. And anything below average is merely disappointing. Ah, society. What is the honest truth about life for men who are afflicted with micro-penis-ness? The man you're about to read about, "Marc" we'll call him, is part of a Tumblr site which caters to people who have a particular fetish for tiny penises, and men who actually get off on being humiliated for their penis size. In fact, many micro men send in their snapshots of their private parts to this site - upwards of 100 a day. Ah, the internet. "It was terribly embarrassing for me to be so small." says Marc. "I avoided being naked in front of other guys when I was in high school, specifically avoiding sports where I knew I would have to shower in the communal showers. I always hid my dick when I had to change and only would shower at the gym if I had a private stall. Sometime around being 23 or 24 years old, I started to have a different outlook. I was working out at a gym that only had communal showers, and told myself, f**k it, time to embrace it." Marc makes SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) porn with his wife. It has become a sexual thrill for him to be degraded for his small size both by his partner and by interweb onlookers. As for his relationship with his wife, freaky porn aside, Marc comments that dick-size is no determiner of a healthy partnership or sexual satisfaction. "It took me years to see it and deal with it and I hope I can say this right, but viewing women as these sized-obsessed creatures does spill into “real life.” Real relationships are complex and take work. It would save a lot time if dating was just determined by a tape measure." says Marc. Sound off with your opinions! We want to know your thoughts on the world of SPH porn, fetishes and if you think penis size is important in a partner!    

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