My Life With a Two-Year-Old

Ok so she's two and a half...inching closer to that year.  The threes.  Apparently its supposed to be bad.  I have assembled this little collection of photos for all my fellow moms out there. photo 1   You don't get time off.  Ever.  Even on Mother's Day.  Something inevitably goes wrong and you'll be doing something child related. photo 2 My daughter is terrible at this one.  I look forward to when her Dad is home so she can play with him so I can use the bathroom in peace.  Usually. photo 3   Ha ha.  Isn't that the truth.  How can it be that she goes to bed with all this energy and I want to just climb into bed with her and go to sleep? photo 4   Completely true. photo 1   False.  Having a 2-year-old is worse.  You clean up the blender's mess then you put the blender away never to use it again.  A two year old is like having a blender going continuously without a lid. photo 3   I just love this one.  Kids are so...independent without wanting to be alone while they are independent. photo   My goal everyday is to stay away from feeling like Cruella.  Doesn't always work.  That's what motherhood is though...feeling like you are constantly failing and all the while your children think you are the most beautiful woman in the world and SuperWoman to boot.  I think Dad's just go around feeling like they are Superman...  

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