Lift Yourself Up: Skinny Fat Vs Toned

When I lost 50lbs back in 2010, I had never heard of the term "skinny fat" before.
I started my transformation after realizing that I was slowly hurting myself with the fast food that I ate and from the lack of exercise. I was in nursing school at the time and worked as well so that left little to no time for me to prepare or cook my own meals-or to even care. I would snack on Chik-Fil-A kids meals to get me through the day and I would even go hours without fueling my body. And workouts? Non existent!
I came to the realization one day that I was heading on a road to obesity & health issues if I did not change my ways. A friend introduced me to a documentary called FOOD INC that opened my eyes forever - needless to say, I grabbed a pen and paper and made a healthy grocery shopping list. Then I went through my pantry and threw away everything processed. I began my new life and journey to transformation. skinny vs toned
Over the period of 9 months, I researched all that I could and educated myself about eating clean and I ate zero junk or processed food during this time. I discovered new, clean options and foods that I had never even heard of. I even learned how to cook! I dropped almost 50lbs without exercise alone and even got abs for the first time ever! However, I had put so much emphasis on eating clean that I had mistakenly put working out & the gym on the back burner. I figured that I simply did not need it since I was already losing weight and reaching my weight loss goals. I worked full time as a nurse and stood on my feet constantly so I made an excuse to myself that it was simply enough.  Big mistake. This is when I discovered the meaning of being "skinny fat." One of the biggest misconceptions that I had was that lifting weights would make me bulky or manly looking. This is simply not the case since we, as women, are not equipped with the same hormones that men have. We need exercise. It is true - diet and exercise really do go hand in hand like everyone says. While I loved my new skinny body, I still envied the "toned" look such as that of fitness models. I was a size zero, but I still had cellulite. I had zero butt back there to be proud of. I lost all of my curves and no longer looked like a woman-instead, I resembled more of a 13 year old boy! How in the world did I think this was sexy? Before I became pregnant, I hit the gym hard 5 days a week and every workout included weights - heavy weights. Over a short period of time, I noticed some big changes. skinny vs toned I got abs. My butt was perkier.  My arms were sculpted.  My cellulite disappeared before my eyes. I owe this not to just cardio, but to weights primarily. To build beautiful curvature, you need weights. Cardio is fabulous in its own way and I am a huge fan, but cardio alone will not build the "toned" appearance that most women desire. Cardio alone will never build that beautiful butt that weights can or decrease those problem areas. Cardio alone does not fix "skinny fat." Only weights can accomplish this for you. Weights will decrease your overall body fat percentage while building muscle. Go heavy or go home! There is no point in lifting weights lighter than your purse. Add exercise to your routine and you will be amazed at the difference it can make in your overall appearance. Join BodyRock Boot Camp & say goodbye to "skinny fat" and hello to curves! skinny vs toned   Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_99387" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]    

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