Lifting While Pregnant: So What's Safe?

Lifting while pregnant. What a controversy, right!
We have come a long way since the ole rule of not lifting any heavy boxes or anything over 15-25lbs. It seems that the fit mommy revolution has begun and everyone is in a frenzy; especially since Lea-Ann Ellison (my role model! she is so sweet) broke out the weights for a CrossFit style shoot at 35 weeks pregnant that had every news media outlet talking.
So, what IS safe lifting while pregnant?
My advice is anything you were lifting BEFORE you became pregnant. There is NO set number. Start off slow. Listen to your body! Your body will tell you what your limits are. Pregnancy is not an excuse or handicap, guys. Our bodies as women were made to grow a baby. Our bodies are STRONG!
However, I would not suggest starting a weight lifting program during pregnancy if it is your first time lifting. I have been lifting weights since high school and I know my body and my limits so I am not new to this game.
 However, this is my first pregnancy so I started small and then worked my way up to more weights gradually. With much care and knowledge, you CAN lift weights during pregnancy. You may also consult with your doctor to see what he/she thinks. My doctor gave me the green lights.
In this photo, I am using a 25lb Kettlebell. Sometimes I will have one in each hand to equal 50lbs and I will squat with them on each side of me. When I do my weighted barbell squats, I typically squat around 75lbs at the most-the bar itself is usually 45-55lbs (depending on the brand of the weight set) and I will put tens on each side. I have certainly cut down my weights because I am pregnant, but that does not mean I had to stop the weights.
I credit continued lifting during pregnancy for keeping me fit and my weight gain steady & slow. It has decreased my back pain, sciatic pain, and insomnia. I recommend it for anyone!

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