Some Like It Hot: Are Hot or Cold Showers Better for Your Health?

Which way you turn the dial may be just a personal preference, but shower temperatures can actually play key roles in your health. Whether it's jumping into a cold, refreshing shower or easing into a hot and steamy one, it turns out both have wellness benefits. Health Benefits of Hot Showers:
  • Hot showers act as natural decongestants for those suffering from plugged up nasal passages. The steam moisturizes your nostrils to prevent dryness as well.
  • The hot temperature can relieve aches and pains in your muscles and relax tension all over your body.
  • Feeling a little stressed? A hot shower can actually alleviate stress and anxiety by boosting  oxytocin levels in the brain.
  • Running a slight fever? A hot shower can help break it and bring your core body temp back down to a normal level.
Health Benefits of Cold Showers
  • Having trouble waking up in the morning? An icy cold shower can shock you awake and amp up your mental alertness.
  • Cold showers (lower than 68 degrees) are a recommended treatment for people suffering from depression. Taking a 2 to 3 minute cold shower twice daily is what doctors suggest.
  • Experiencing dry or frizzy hair? Hot showers can aggravate the issue, while cold showers smooth, refresh and cleanse hair. They also help nourish and rehydrate dry skin.
Do you like it hot or do you like it cold? Cast your vote in the comments!

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