Lindsay's Extreme Lunge Challenge

For a few years I have looked down my street and wondered if I could make it. Could I do walking lunges all the way down to the end? A couple of days ago I decided I would try it. I was a little nervous. Would I actually make it? How long would it take? How many lunges would it take? Could I make it up the slight incline at the end? Well, I did it! And here is how it went! photo (1) I started at 8:57 a.m. and got finished at 9:15 a.m. It took me 18 minutes to complete. It took 585 walking lunges! I did, in fact make it up the incline! Once I got past the first block and the first 100 lunges, it wasn't that bad! When I got to the end, I walked back home. That gave me a chance to cool down and release the tension in my legs. To do walking lunges, keep your body upright and your abdominals engaged. Make sure the foot you are lunging with strikes the heel first. Once your heel touches the ground lower your body until your front leg is parallel with the ground and make sure your back stays straight. Always keep your knee directly over your toes or slightly behind them. Pause for a split second and step your back foot forward. Repeat on the other side. The walking lunge is a great way to build your hamstrings and your glutes. They are a great exercise for conditioning because they keep your legs working constantly. I'm proud of myself for finally trying it. Now I know I can do it! Another cool thing about this challenge is I got to bring my son, Nolan with me. I pushed him in his ride-on car and took him along for the ride. photo (3) Is there anything you have been wanting to tackle and have been putting off? Today is the day! Push yourself! Go for it! It might be an amazing success!

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