How This Lingerie Company Has Redefined The Word "Model"

The body positive movement has been pushing back against brands that try to advertise the notion of "idealistic" women. Victoria Secret was thwarted by Lane Bryant with their rebellious #ImNoAngel campaign, showcasing diversely shaped women as supposed to ultra slender VS Angels. Another fresh campaign comes out of lingerie and swimwear company Panache, who are redefining what it means to be a model. Panache specializes in making plus size pieces and D + cups. Their campaign, titled "Modeled By Role Models", promotes the idea of a model as an inspiration to women. A figure that is not worshipped for her looks and size 00 frame, but who she is as a person. Panache chose 6 female role models from all over the world, selected based on their contributions to society. pa The company is honouring these beautiful, strong and compassionate women for their charitable work and influence on the lives of others. marquita-feature1 Marquita Pring is a model who began her career at only 15. She became an advocate for positive body image and diversity, and she has been celebrated for changing the face of the fashion industry. She has graced the cover of Italian Vogue and walked the runways in Paris. amy-feature1 Amy Hughes has dedicated her life to raising awareness about childhood brain cancer. She is a sports therapist and world record breaker, running 17 consecutive marathons in Texas, and 53 marathons in 53 days in her home country of England. rachel-feature1Rachel Elliot is a trauma nurse who traveled to Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak. Rachel felt compelled to help, and saved many lives with her medical knowledge and care. This gorgeous campaign is a true testament of how times are changing in the fashion and beauty industry. We are seeing a shift that could be beneficial to future generations of girls struggling with body image. Seeing aspirational women on the covers of magazines touted for their brains and bravery instead of their waist size is the kind of society I would be proud to be apart of. Tell us what you think of these gorgeous models? Do you have someone in your life who deserves to be celebrated? Let us know!    

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