I never realized I was even doing it ...

Hi Everyone, So, I have found out some AMAZING things since my reduction a few weeks ago. (Here) It's so amazing that I had to share it with you .... as I do :-) Like most of us on here, I have always been in tune with my body & how it works etc. I love watching my muscles working in the mirror as I train. I like seeing where I need to improve & where I am seeing improvements happen. Since I had my reduction I have noticed so many changes to my body, my posture is better, I feel less sluggish. I have noticed that I am feeling muscle's that I haven't felt in along time starting to ache again, like my abs & Ass (I mean WTF lol) & my 'muffin top' area and also my upper back & lat's. Seriously, my abs have always been strong but it's so nice to know they are firing up again & its really shocked me - I can feel them doing there job -  I seriously notice a huge changes already in so many areas. I can only think that on some psychological level I wasn't working these areas as hard as I used to. Maybe I wasn't ? maybe I was compensating for the loss of movement I had, or the pain I felt, or just extra weight I had to support - subconsciously I must have been supporting my body differently & maybe without realizing it, I was using different muscles to help me do this ? I knew I didn't look as lean as before but I put it down to my new 'curves' and worked around them to make my body look the best it could. All I know is this -  Altho at the time, I was giving it 10o% effort every time I trained - From how much my abs hurt right now I couldn't have been engaging or using my full range of movement as far as was as my body is clearly telling me this fact. It's a flash back of how it feels when you have a break from training or when you are just starting out. You know, the muscle ache that you learn to love. Well It's back in areas of me I thought were strong, clearly they are being woken up on a whole different level again. Anyway, the point to my story today is this -  If you have implants and are struggling to get as lean as you were in old pictures etc. this simple thing could be the reason for you as well. Yes, I had to have mine removed as it was the sensible thing to do as they were doing more harm than good, but I never thought they were also effecting my posture, muscle activation & overall wellness. I thought I trained as hard as I ever did, but your body doesn't lie. So listen to your body & if you are not seeing results it could be something you are not even aware of. Let me know if you have anything that you are struggling with & I will try to help. Love Always L xx   Click Here For some Funny S-Hiit  - Have a coffee break & a good giggle on me.    

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