Little Boy Wears a Ninja Turtle Mask During Chemo to Help Him Feel Brave

Five year old Harley Renshaw is a real superhero-or at least Britain's bravest little boy. 10384899_736218643128299_7549255926668964539_n   To help him cope with the scary and difficult road ahead, he created a superhero mask to help him face up to a gruelling three months of treatment as he battles a rare form of cancer. Harleyis fighting an agressive cancer in his kidney, neck, lung and bones - but his Ninja Turtle mask makes him feel stronger while having his treatment. His parents were given Harley’s devastating diagnosis after taking him to see a doctor with a pain in his tummy. He was diagnosed with neuroblastoma - a rare and aggressive childhood cancer - and is now taking part in a Cancer Research UK funded clinical trial at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. He has even made some special ‘beads of courage’ to help him feel brave in hospital. He has a big scar across his belly that he calls his ‘pirate scar’. 10384899_736218643128299_7549255926668964539_n Harley has had 80 days of intensive chemotherapy, 14 days of radiotherapy, a stem cell transplant,  and an operation to remove his kidney tumour. His mother Stacey said: “When we received Harley’s diagnosis, we were in complete shock. Our world came crashing down and we were terrified. “But not once did Harley complain about going for treatment." Pretty superheroic, I think! Article & Image Source: Manchester Evening News For tons of diet and workout tips, including recipes, click the image below: URLSmall

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