What Little Boys Wish Their Daddies Knew

I received countless comments on last weeks article, "What Little Girls Wish Their Daddies Knew" on an article with boys and their dads.  Now while I am myself a mother of a little girl...I think this is a great list.  So feel free to add on any more that you think that dads would need to know.  Our children are so precious. 1. If you make me a priority it shows me that you love me. 2. I like it when you take care of my needs to, not just mom. Baths and dinner and fixing my squirt gun. 3. I love it when you show interest in what I do in school and sports. 4. Saying "I love you" is just as important to a boy as it is to a girl. 5. Coming to my sports and academic events shows that you're proud of me. 6. Having "boy" time is essential, I want to go fishing and pee standing and not bathe for days. 7. When in doubt hug me, verbalizing isn't most boy's strong suit.  Boys need love and affection just as much as girls do. 8.Don't just tell me what I can't do, tell me what I CAN do! 9.I'm going to fail a lot, but affirm my success when I do succeed.  I'll live my whole life trying to make you proud of me. 10. Love my mom (or the woman in your life), that's how I'll know how to treat a woman. 11.I want to be a man's man, you're my role model for that. 12. I want to know when the right time is to stand up for something and when to walk away. 13. I'm going to end up more or less like you. 14. I watch you all the time... 15. If you don't listen to the little things now, I won't share the big things with you later. 16.I know you are a hero, prove to me that Daddy's can save the day. 17. Don't let money be everything. 18. Please don't lie to me, because I believe what you say. Doing research and talking to my own husband about his relationship with his father, I came away with one, very telling, piece of information.  Boys and girls are not much different when growing up and especially with their relationships with their dad.  They need a strong and upright man as a role model, they need desperately to know they are loved, and they want you to be proud and say you're proud.

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