Little Sister Wisdom

I love my youngest sister for so many different reasons.  With four girls in one family you'd think that they might be somewhat the same...turns out no.  We have as different personalities as we do tastes, dreams, bodies, and talents. Joe (no this is not her real name-her middle name is Joelle hence the Joe) is the youngest.

While running to the store last night to get the exact brand of vanilla bean ice cream that our grandmother always served we arrived on the subject of body type and image.  She said something that really resonated with me, it was this, "Whenever I get down about my body I just think to myself 'I can play an entire soccer game and be tired at the end but not dead.  Most people can't do that.'  Then I stop feeling sorry for myself."  Shockingly enough she had put my new mantra into words- "Stop focusing on what your body looks like and start focusing on what it can do."

It's the same thing with my stretch marks from pregnancy.  I can either view them as a horrible reason why I don't feel comfortable in a bikini anymore or I can see them as mommy stripes-life long reminders of the time I carried and provided for my little girl.  They in no way detract from how much I can lift or how far I can run or in the love that my husband has for me.


So to my old-soul little sister...I love you.  Thanks for the reminder.

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