Liv Tyler Gets Real About Body Image

When flipping through a fashion magazine it can be difficult not to wonder how and if your beauty stacks up. When you are constantly bombarded with images that don't at all reflect the way you look, making comparisons can be difficult to avoid. Even the stunning Liv Tyler finds herself questioning her beauty from time to time. "I'm looking at photos and thinking, 'wait, should I look like that? Do I need to do that? Do I want that?' " Tyler says. "I've always felt this strange combination – a will to be myself and to keep what is authentic about me [with] this other side of my work, which is very much about beauty and physical appearance. I think there is a lot of pressure to look the same, now more than ever." When unsure of herself, Tyler says, "I always try to remind myself of who I am, and stay true to that, to not compare myself to others." The 38-year-old actress and former teen model says modelling standards and expectations have changed over the years. "If you look back at Helena Christensen or Christy Turlington, they were probably a 4 or a 6 – they had beautiful bodies, very lean, obviously, and gorgeous," she says. "They obviously took beautiful care of themselves – they weren't malnourished. The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin and very tall." This pressure to look and dress a certain way sometimes has Tyler wishing she could just pack it all in. "I go through periods where I just want to wear sweatpants and a puffer coat, and I wish I lived in Maine where I grew up and I could just jump in the car and go to school," she said. "And then I stop myself and say, wait, you're so lucky you get to live in New York City and you have beautiful clothes. Pull yourself together." And really, at the end of the day, that is all any of us can do - look at ourselves and our lives and be grateful for what we do have. It doesn't do any of us any good to wish we were taller or shorter, thinner or heavier. We are what we are. Don't judge your beauty by another's. Be you, you're the only one capable of the job! How do you keep in touch with your authentic self? Source: PEOPLE

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