Living Room H.I.I.T. Workout

A lot can happen in your living room. Your living room can be a prime place to workout when:
  • you do not have money for a gym membership.
  • you have children to watch after.
  • you can't leave the house for whatever reason.
  • you are pushed for time.
  • or all of the above.
Here is a quick little H.I.I.T. workout that involves having little space and can be done right there in front of your couch! Instructions: Complete the following exercises for 3 rounds. Do each exercise for 50 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between each move. 50 seconds donkey kicks 50 seconds side plank 50 seconds reverse crunches 50 seconds butt kicks 50 seconds burpees 50 seconds sprint Repeat x3. For more fat burning HIIT workouts, click the image below: URLSmall    

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