Local Charity Saves Job Opportunity For Man With Britain's Biggest Feet (Photos)

23-year-old, Carl Griffiths was thrilled to land a warehouse job in Trimsaran, west Wales, with Castell Howell food company. He landed the job easily, but things became more complicated when he heard that the health and safety regulations required him to wear steel-capped boots. Although not a shocking bit of information for most people, for Griffiths, it was an entirely different story! feet3 Griffiths is in possession of mammoth size 21 feet, meaning that his boots would have to be custom made. He called a company to get a quote, but was floored by the price they gave him! "I couldn't believe my ears - and they couldn't believe my feet. But there is no way I could afford that," he says. "I had a pair which were a bit smaller from a few years ago but they broke when I was in work. I looked around to see if any companies where doing it so I phoned a number for this company and I originally was quoted for around £1,1000 to £1,300 which I personally couldn't afford." feet Fortunately, for Griffiths, he was able to get some help. A local charity by the name of Communities First Jobs Growth, came to his rescue. Griffiths was pleased by the help, noting that having these boots can open lots of doors for him. Communities First Jobs Growth is backed by the local council in Carmarthenshire. Council leader Meryl Gravell said, "the high cost of specially made boots was an obstacle in the way of Carl moving into the work he wanted. I'm delighted we've been able to make this very worthwhile investment in Carl's future." feet4 This isn't the first time that Griffiths has faced problems with footwear. Earlier this year, his foot came out of his size 18 rugby shoe. It was shortly thereafter that Wales Rugby captain, Sam Warburton, presented Griffiths with a custom, size 21, shoe from Adidas. feet2 Can you imagine having to pay that much for a pair of work boots? Most of us take so much for granted! What do you think of the story? Share with us. Source: Daily Mail Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_116329" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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