A Look Back At Robin Williams' Best Work

The untimely passing of Robin Williams has shocked and upset millions of people, obviously including us, so we thought it fit to write our own tribute to a man who filled many of our days with laughter. These are my personal favourite Robin Williams films: Popeye During the years of filming Mork & Mindy Robin Williams made his cinematic debut starring as Popeye. With his hilarious and wacky ways, Robin portrayed this character perfectly! Within seconds of watching the film you fall in love with Popeye. I've visited the movie set of the film in Malta, and it was an honour to see first-hand where the movie was shot. Good morning, Vietnam This was one of Robin Williams' better known films, where he starred as a DJ shipped to Vietnam to add some humour to the Armed Forces Radio, and he certainly managed that! Just thinking about the speed at which he spoke in some of the scenes makes me giggle. This movie allowed Robin to showcase his ability to talk in a number of different voices, and I challenge you to watch it without laughing uncontrollably. Dead Poets Society Just thinking about this film puts a lump in my throat - it's incredibly emotional. Unlike many of Robin's other most popular films, this isn't a comedy, but trust me - you will love it! Just keep the tissues handy. Robin plays Professor Keating, an English teacher who teaches his pupils much more than just their academic studies - he changes their lives. The infamous saying - 'Carpe Diem' was the message picked up by everyone who watched this movie. Seize the Day. The clip above isn't my personal favourite, but if I were to show that it would be a spoiler for those of you who haven't seen the film yet - so go watch it! Hook Who could forget Hook? Robin Williams played Peter Pan - and for those of you thinking that a grown man can't play Peter Pan, watch this film and it will change your perception completely. My favourite scene was the food fight, but the whole film is fantastic! Feel-good fun which, in my opinion, wouldn't be anywhere near as good without Robin Williams as the lead role.  Aladdin Robin Williams played the voice of the Genie in Aladdin, and for many, this is a favourite Disney film. I know it's one of my faves anyway! His charisma shone through despite us only being able to hear his voice, and he used his amazing ability to shape his voice to sound a number of different ways to make the Genie the character that we all know and love. Mrs Doubtfire Arguably the best film that Robin Williams starred in - sorry if you disagree, but this has to be my favourite. The story line for this film was always going to ensure that it was a success, but Robin made it his own. He played a Dad who, after a messy divorce, disguised himself as a housekeeper just to be able to see his children. This film won a number of awards, including an Oscar for Best Makeup - and rightly so! It's impossible to pin down one favourite scene as there are so many fantastic and hilarious moments throughout the movie, but the clip above is a great one! He had us all laughing until we fell off our seats, and I spent many of my childhood years enjoying this film over and over again. Jumanji In this film all about a board game that comes to life, Robin played a man who had been trapped in the board game since he was a child. It's a wacky story with even crazier scenes, and that's why Robin fitted the part perfectly! It's great family fun, and there is absolutely no chance of you getting bored while watching this film. As always, it wouldn't have been anywhere near as good without Robin's input. Flubber Robin Williams played a professor who invented a new rubbery substance - Flubber, and we watch as this supposedly insignificant substance goes on to save the day in the film. It's a perfect family comedy with some slapstick thrown in for extra fun, and who could forget his assistant Weebo? It's a fantastic film that won a number of awards and by this time Robin Williams had truly captured our hearts. Good Will Hunting Robin Williams was one of the greatest actors I've ever seen, but many people just associate him with comedy - this film allowed him to really show his acting skills without the need for comedy. Robin played a therapist who the main character, Will Hunting, relies on - he helps Will to see that there's more to himself than he originally thought. This film is filled with powerful messages, and it's a real tear jerker - at least it is for me! It won two Oscars - one of which was for Robin Williams as Best Actor in a Supporting Role, and many other awards. It's a wonderful film - a favourite for many, and if you haven't seen it yet, I urge you to. One Hour Photo This film is a world away from the funny characters many of us associated with Robin Williams, but it's a great movie! His acting, as always, was impeccable, and I didn't take my eyes away from the screen for the whole film. Robin played a photo lab technician who became obsessed with one of his customers, and the film watches the story unfold as his obsession builds. I won't say any more as it would be a spoiler, but it's a great film to see a different side to Robin Williams' acting abilities - a darker side for his acting. Robots Back to the happy family comedy, Robin Williams played the voice of Fender - a robot who's falling apart - in this popular animated film. His fun voices made a return in this movie, and it's a great family fun film about a robot trying to make it in the big city. Robin, as always, added the comical parts to this film, and without his character many of the scenes wouldn't be as good as they are! Happy Feet Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two were very popular films in recent years in which Robin played a hilarious penguin. His character didn't have the biggest part, but he definitely had the biggest impact as it's his lines that I, like many others, remember. The first film won an Oscar, and both films were nominated for plenty of awards. Not to let down his fans, Robin let loose some of his awesome voices yet again, and they completed the fun family movies. Night at the Museum Robin played President Roosevelt in both of the Night at the Museum films, and although his character obviously wasn't given as many comical lines as in many of his roles, Robin yet again enthralled us all in both of these great films. Number 3 is soon to be released, but I have no doubt that his acting skills, as always, will be perfect!   Robin Williams has entertained us all for many years, and whether you preferred him as a straight talking serious actor with incredible talent, or a hilariously funny comedian with a tremendous skill for voice impressions, there is no doubt that he will be remembered as one of the greatest actors of our time. Sadly it's currently assumed that Robin Williams committed suicide, and for those of you who can't understand why or how someone could get to the point that they feel the only option is to end their life,  it's important to realise that Robin suffered with depression. Depression isn't just feeling a little upset because things aren't going right in your life at the moment - it's a mental health issue, and sadly many people are still ignorant enough to believe that mental health issues aren't real things, and that depression isn't a real illness - it very much is. I don't claim to be an expert, but I feel it is important to get the message out there as there are a number of people on social media sites claiming that suicide is selfish - to those people all I have to say is...It is impossible for anybody to ever truly understand exactly how someone else is feeling, or the thoughts that they are having. Never judge someone simply because you don't understand. Depression seizes whoever it wants, and, despite help and treatment, it can be incredibly difficult to break away from it. [caption id="attachment_52671" align="alignnone" width="458"]Image credit: http://www.anonymousartofrevolution.com/2013/01/dont-judge-people-you-never-know-what.html Image credit: http://www.anonymousartofrevolution.com/2013/01/dont-judge-people-you-never-know-what.html[/caption] Robin Williams was someone who filled many of our childhoods, and adult years, with laughter. He was a skilled and talented man who had a very insightful view on a number of things - one of my favourite quotes of his for many years has been.... [caption id="attachment_52668" align="alignnone" width="720"]Image credit: http://www.bucketlife.com/blog/move-on-walk-away-step-toward-your-bucket-list-life Image credit: http://www.bucketlife.com/blog/move-on-walk-away-step-toward-your-bucket-list-life[/caption] He will be sadly missed by many, and our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this difficult time.  

Rest In Peace Robin Williams

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