Look Hot Naked Workout & Bonus Butt & Legs Sculpt Cool Down

Hi BodyRockers, What patterns do you have in your life that you are concerned about? Maybe you drink too many Diet Coke's (like me) or maybe you can't kick drinking pails of coffee. Some of you out there have the inkling that maybe you are drinking alcohol just a little bit too much or too often. Patterns often lead to other patterns. Like when you drink too much maybe you reach for a cigarette or foods that don't support your training. The edges get blurred and one thing leads to the other. When do patterns become addictions? Don't be a slave to your patterns - disrupt them with a different choice. The simplest choices can have the power to completely change your life. Take this absurdly simple choice for example - from now till Friday don't drink anything but pure water. The only liquid that goes in your mouth over the next 5 days is water - full stop, end of story. Simple. For me this simple choice will disrupt my patterns on a massive scale. It's a detox from all of the chemicals found in Diet Coke, Low Calorie Flavoured Drinks, a clean break from Caffeine - it cuts out alcohol and almost eliminates all of the other patterns that emerge when you are a slave to your impulses. It's one simple choice but it has massive power. Give it a go and then see what else you can do to disrupt the other patterns in your life that hold you back. Best, Freddy Today's BodyRock Workout Video: [wobreakdown] Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest - & Bust out as many repetitions of the following exercises as you can 1) Single Arm Clean & Lunge with Side Knee Kick – Left Side -  Using the pink Sandbag 2) Frog Jump & L & R Knee Spider Push Ups & Tuck Jump 3) Single Arm Clean & Lunge with Side Knee Kick – Right Side -  Using the pink Sandbag 4) Reverse Push-Ups & Cross Knee Tucks - (Using the BodyRock Equalizer or Dip Station ) . Bonus – Butt & Legs Sculpt Cool Down Video: Set your interval timer to 3 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest 1) Ugi Ball twist - using the Ugi Ball 2) V-Ups Left 3) V- Ups- Right Side Leg Bonus: 50 Reps Per Leg-Inner Stroke Outer Thigh Side Kick With Knee Lift March’s Diet Challenge: Today’s Diet Challenge can be found on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page click Here . Facebook: Your next workout will be posted on the site everyday to follow along with advice on diet & supplements to support your training. We will be posting pictures of some of our meals and daily trips out & about on our Facebook pages to give you guys a running idea about what we are eating a long with other tips and little pep talks so please “like” BodyRock.Tv on Facebook here for daily inspiration & motivation :))! For Lisa’s Facebook page click here, Sean’s Facebook page click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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