What I Look For In Training Shoes

There used to be a time when my basis for choosing a pair of workout shoes was solely how fly they looked, and maybe price. I remember once trying to run in basketball shoes. Silliness. These days I'm a lot more discerning as to what I perform valuable training in. Good form begins at the base -- this is very important to note. My sneakers take a beating. I wear them just about every day, all day and do lots of crazy things in them. As such, I find they have a life expectancy of 6 months max. At about this time they start to feel different - they start feeling more like socks with little support. Now, I typically do a range of activities. I run, jump, ride, lift heavy things and engage in a variety of sports. One could easily get a specialized pair of shoes for each activity -- one for running, another weightlifting and one for basketball, etc. But I don't have the money or closet space of that. So I need one pair that does it all. So this is what I look for. I like pretty minimal shoes. Meaning they are not overly padded in the sole, the sole is flexible and the toe isn't too tightly squished in. I've tried the famed New Balance Minimus, king of the minimal shoes, however they didn't fit me right and I like just a bit more support than nothing. The current pair of shoes I have which are on their last legs (pun intended!) and I loved were these Adidas Adipure 360 crosstrainers. IMG_20150714_094205IMG_20150714_094215 The things I loved about this shoe were: -The 10mm heel drop. So they weren't completely flat as true minimal shoes so I found them a bit more comfortable with just a touch of cushioning. -The wide toe box which allows the toes to splay and grip the ground. -The flexible sole. The rubber sole was fragmented and as a result you could pretty much bunch this shoe up into a ball. -The wetsuit-like material of the upper shoe which gave it the feel of a sock. I loved these shoes so much I'm just about to get a new pair maybe in this more flashy colour: 001803461alt1 // Amazon.com Widgets I hear the Nike Free is comparable, and those look pretty dope too, so I might give that a try also. On the days where I'm strictly weight training and lifting heavy, especially on the days I olympic bar squat, I prefer to use a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. They're super flat, rigid and provide a wide and stable base of support. These are my pair: [caption id="attachment_988" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Yes, I wear sequin shoes to the gym. No joke. Yes, I wear sequin shoes to the gym. No joke.[/caption] There you have it. Are you wearing the right shoes?  

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