Looking To Build Mental Toughness? Here Are 3 Ways To Get There

Anyone who has ever trained hard can tell you that your mind is one of the hardest things to whip into shape. With a strong mind, you can get through anything: stress, adversity, your limitations. Here are 3 things you can do to train and set up your brain to avoid fatigue and quitting. Set yourself up for success, we know you've turned to us for workouts, here's what you can do on the mental side of things:

Go Green

Self doubt is one sure fire way to sabotage your workout efforts. Change the way you speak to yourself! Instead of thinking negative thoughts, think positive ones, "green light" thoughts. Instead of thinking "I'm tired" think "I"m going to crush this!" or "I feel great!" Keep repeating it. This will reinforce the positivity and give you extra energy to get you through to the end. If you want to take it a set further, place green stickers in your car, your house, at the office and each time you see or pass one, tell yourself one 'green light' though. Cognition is half the battle!

Visualize the win

Some of the world's greatest athletes use visualization to boost mental toughness. Imagining the behaviour can reinforce the neural pathways the same way performing the act can. Take 5 minutes every day and breathe. Visualize your challenge. Picture yourself pushing through the workout, the exhaustion, and reaching the finish. Feel the pain in your arms, legs, lungs. Really imagine it. The more details you include, the more powerful this tool will be for you.

Blast your tunes

Science has shown that music can boost athletic performance. The key, is finding the music that motivates you and fires you up. The music serves as a distraction and allows you to go harder in your efforts. If you are training for a particular challenge or personal record, listen to one specific song. Do it on your 'hard training' days only. When you test day arrives, blare that song. You will feel it coursing through you and firing you up just the way it did when you were practicing. Valuable advice. The last one has always worked for me but I'm thinking of adding the first two to my routine as well. I could use all the mental help I can get... How do you mentally prep yourself? What steps do you take to build your mental toughness?


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