Lose 1 Pound A Week By Doing This

It takes 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound of fat.

Seems like a lot of work to reach that 20lb weight-loss goal…

Don’t give up - The easiest way to loss a pound per week is to subtract 500 calories each day from your diet by making healthier meal choices in addition to burning calories at the gym.

Here are some creative ways to cut the calories without compromising taste.

Skip the Cheese on Your Sandwich

A simple slice of cheese seems like a healthy choice because it’s a good source of dairy. However, cheese is high in calories and fat. Leaving the cheese off your sandwich can save you up to 300 calories a meal.

Wrap Your Burger in Twice the Lettuce

Why waste 250 calories of your daily budget on one burger bun when you can enjoy crisp, fresh lettuce for only five calories instead. Burgers were meant to be paired with lettuce.

Sip Fruit-Flavored Water

Fruit juice contains roughly 120 a glass, and who can stop after just one? Get the same taste by drinking naturally flavoured water infused with fresh fruit, which is both trendy and better for you.

Spritz Lemon on Your Salad

Dressings instantly make a salad unhealthy because they’re loaded in fat.

Try squeezing lemon juice on top instead to get a tangy, natural dressing that saves you up to 200 calories.

Pour Almond Milk in Your Cereal Bowl

Almond milk tastes great and has half the calories as regular milk. You won’t even notice the difference and you’ll save over the week.

Order Thin-Crust Pizza

Bread is one of the worst offenders for being high in calories. Choose thin crust pizza instead or try making your own home made pizza so you can choose fresh, healthy toppings.

Switch Greek Yogurt with other Condiments

Mayo and sour cream contain nearly 100 calories per tablespoon. Imagine how many calories you can save by swapping your regular condiments with a delicious Greek yogurt topping.

What are your favourite calorie saving tips?

Source: Prevention

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