Lose 4 Pounds This Month With These Simple Swaps

If you could lose four pounds over the next 30 days, without even trying all that hard, would you? Of course you would! Making small changes in your diet can help you drop pounds in a way you will be able to sustain over a lifetime. Here are a few food swaps that can save you AT LEAST 15,000 calories over the next month:

Everyday Swaps

Seltzer Instead of Soda (140 calorie savings/4200 per month)

Soda can be hard to quit, there is just something so refreshing about all those tiny bubbles. Don't give up the bubbles completely, and grab some seltzer. “The carbonation creates gas in your stomach, which takes up some space,” says Jessica Cording, R.D., a dietitian in New York City. “You may feel more satisfied, so it can be a good way to transition into soda-free life.”

Iced Coffee With 2 Tablespoons of 2% Milk Instead of Iced Latte  (100 calories savings/3,000 per month)

It is all about control! "Lattes have so much milk that doing it yourself is an easy way to cut back on calories without sacrificing taste,” says Cording.

Twice A Week Swaps

Apple Instead of Cranberries on Salad (78 Calorie savings/624 per month)

Just because the cranberries are on a salad doesn't mean they are healthy. “A lot of people add dried fruit to salad, but they pack a lot of calories,” says Cording. Dried fruit has more sugar than fresh fruit and the dehydrating process removes some of the fruit's vitamins.

Seven Ounces Plain 2 percent Greek Yogurt with a Teaspoon of Honey Instead of Seven Ounces Flavoured Yogurt 
(50 calorie savings/400 per month)

If you take a few seconds to mix up this concoction instead of grabbing the ready made flavoured version, you'll be saving yourself a whack of sugar and calories. If you’re not into honey, try a teaspoon of maple syrup, quarter-cup of berries, or a teaspoon of cocoa powder with a splash of vanilla and sprinkle of cinnamon.

One Cup of Cauliflower Rice Instead of One Cup of White Rice (180 calorie savings/1440/per month)

Cut off the heads, boil it and then place the florets in a food processor (or chop finely) and you're set. A faux rice with few of the calories and all of the taste!

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Once a Month Swaps

Four Ounce Turkey Burger In Lettuce Instead Of Four Ounce Beef Burger On A Bun (182 calorie savings)

Turkey has fewer saturated fats and calories than beef! And skipping the bun will help keep your blood sugar stable.

One Ounce of Avocado On Toast Instead of One Ounce of Butter (158 calorie savings)

Avocado is full of omega 3's to help fight inflammation and feeling snack-y. This swap also gives you more fiber and protein than you would be getting with butter. You can even use avocado in your baking in place of butter! Those swaps aren't so hard! For more calorie saving swap ideas, head here. What are your favourite calorie-saving food swaps? Source: Women's Health  

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