Lose Your Love Handles With One Easy Move

Love handles suck. The best way to fight the area is a great combo of a clean diet + cardio, since spot reduction is a myth. However, there is one very neglected move to help: the Dumbbell Sidebend. This move works by strengthening & building your oblique muscles. The obliques, which run down on either side of your torso, are responsible for a variety of movements around the spine. When you twist your torso, your obliques are responsible for the movement. During side bends, the obliques flex the spine laterally. The move is often performed incorrectly by bending too far to the side or choosing weights that are too heavy, which may result in ineffectiveness or an injury. Always practice in the mirror to make sure your posture is right on que. For this move, you will need one dumbbell (two, if you want more of a challenge) - preferably at a weight that you feel most comfortable with. You may even use a kettlebell!   How to do a Dumbbell Sidebend:
  1. Grasp dumbbell with arm straight to side.
  2. Bend waist to opposite side of dumbbell until slight stretch is felt, no more than 6 inches usually.
  3. Lower to opposite side, same distance and repeat.
  4. Continue with opposite side.

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