Lose Weight Fast: Mindful Eating 101

Studies show mindfulness is an amazing way to lose weight fast and keep it off. Mindful eating involves a deliberate and slow consciousness of your food intake. To lose weight fast you have to be conscious of all aspects of your lifestyle from your food consumption to your exercise regimen and everything in between. The Center for Mindful Eating defines the practice as:
  • Allowing yourself to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through food preparation and consumption by respecting your own inner wisdom.
  • Choosing to eat food that is both pleasing to you and nourishing to your body by using all your senses to explore, savor and taste.
  • Acknowledging responses to food (likes, neutral or dislikes) without judgment.
  • Learning to be aware of physical hunger and satiety cues to guide your decision to begin eating and to stop eating.
How does this help you lose weight fast? A study published by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that diabetics who ate mindfully were as likely to lose weight fast and maintain healthy blood sugar levels as those who followed the more traditional calorie counting paradigm. The study suggests that while mindful eating can take a month or so to master, it may be easier to sustain long-term. Visit tcme.org for more information on mindful eating and it’s principles.

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