Lose Weight Tomorrow by Doing These Four Things The Night Before

Losing weight isn’t something that can happen overnight. However, preparing meals the night before can make a significant difference when you take a step on the scale. If you wish to become healthier and slim down, here are four things you can do that are a must for your weeknight routine. Brown Bag and Prepare When you don’t plan ahead, you are risking the temptation to eat unhealthy foods. For example, if you don’t prepare your lunch, you may find yourself “starving” and end up at your local fast food joint. You can simply pack a lunch from home the night before. A salad in a mason jar is a great option as it is full of protein and fiber. It is easier to add the calories from home for your lunches than it is to guess when you eat out at a restaurant. Packing your lunch the night before will leave you with less stress the next morning. Try even packing healthy snacks as well. In the morning, you can just throw an ice bag in, grab, and head to work.   Saving Time in the Morning After you have prepared your lunch, you should take the time to prepare the following morning’s breakfast as well. Eating breakfast is an essential way to jumpstart your metabolism. If your diet is full of protein and fiber, you will find yourself satisfied all morning long, until lunch time. You will be satisfied not just by hunger, but also energy. If you are a smoothie person, you may find it beneficial to premake some and store in your freezer. You can simply take them out in the morning, toss in the blender, and drink away and be on with your day. There are also healthy foods, such as overnight oats, apple cinnamon quinoa bake, or even chia seed pudding that you can add to your breakfast routine.    Hit Up the Hamper Do you find yourself running around like crazy in the morning to get everything ready, including workout gear? Skip the stress in the morning by getting your sports bra, workout clothes, sunglasses, sneaks, socks, and your iPod armband and earbuds all ready the night before. You are more likely to get in a routine with exercise when you have everything ready the night before.   Start Cutting Up The Nutrients You definitely don’t want to undo the workout or healthy eating you did all day, so try to prepare the next night’s dinner beforehand as well. Prepping is crucial to keeping the weight off or losing more weight. Start cutting up sweet potatoes, zucchini, and peppers to grill or roast later on. You can even make a huge salad, cook some whole grains, soak some quinoa, or even make a spaghetti squash bake and store it away for the next day. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to spend much time in the kitchen to plan your food out, that is half your battle right there. Do you meal prep? Do you “brown bag” it for work? Share with us! We would love to know. Source: Pop Sugar  

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