How Losing 40 Pounds Saved This Woman's Life!

Women's Health reported this incredible weight loss success story, and we found it so inspirational that we wanted to share it with you guys. Jeanenne was 187 pounds when a life-threatening incident turned her entire world around. She had encountered a terrifying experience which caused her to make a complete lifestyle shift. Jeanenne was on vacation and swimming at the beach. Being a strong swimmer her entire life, she was shocked when she started sinking and couldn't gain control. She was dragged to shore by her friend. Jeanenne was diagnosed with heart valve regurgitation, and told she had experienced heart failure. She was approaching fifty, with two young children, and had always had an athletic body type. But in recent years she had let her exercise and lifestyle choices fall by the wayside. She was more than shocked to hear of her health scare, as she prepared to undergo surgery to repair a valve in her heart that would not close. This was her wake-up call to change. Once she had recovered, Jeanenne began to make small changes. She wasn't prepared to risk her health with poor diet choices or an absence of fitness any longer. She began drinking more water and cut down on dairy. She already began to notice a decrease in her belly fat, and so she soldiered on. She began resistance training with her husband, who is a professional fitness trainer. In 20 short weeks, she lost 40 pounds. Not only is she happier about her health but she is more confident, energetic and overall feeling amazing! You can read more about Jeanenne's journey at Women's Health Magazine. We want you to share your experiences with weight loss! Show us your before and after pictures in the comments below! h/t: Women's Health Magazine Follow us on Instagram here: [caption id="attachment_98129" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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