Losing Weight Eating McDonalds? WTF?!

That's probably the last thing you expected to hear! A science teacher in Ankeny, Iowa watched the documentary "Supersize Me!", and decided that it was time to film his own documentary on the effects of eating McDonald's. In an article posted on the KCCI Channel 8 News website, teacher John Cisna explained his plan:
"I can eat any food at McDonald's (that) I want as long as I'm smart for the rest of the day with what I balance it out with," Cisna said. [1]
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Source: kcci.com[/caption] So, what did he do? He ate nothing but McDonalds for 90 days, and his breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all McFood. However, being the smart man that he was, he decided to stick with a 2,000 calorie diet - the diet recommended by the U.S. Government in 2010. He also tried to stick to the recommended amount of fat, carbs, and protein allowed by a healthy diet, and his goal was to see if he could eat McDonalds and avoid the results seen in Supersize Me!. His students actually created his meals for him, using the nutritional information McDonald's has posted on their website. They made sure to monitor everything he put into his mouth, and he followed their meal plan as closely as possible. To add to the experiment, he began to walk a bit more every day - just 45 minutes. According to KCCI:
Cisna said a typical breakfast would be two egg white delights, a bowl of their maple oatmeal and a 1 percent milk.  A salad for lunch would be followed by more traditional value meal at dinner.
Cisna insisted that he didn't want to stick with just the salads and the "healthier" options at McD's, but he made sure to eat the normal fare - Big Macs, quarter pounders, apple pies, and ice cream sundaes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Source: kcci.com[/caption] And here's the kicker: HE LOST 37 POUNDS HIS CHOLESTEROL WENT FROM 249 (high) DOWN TO 170 (safe) So, does this mean that McDonald's isn't to blame for all the crap we put into our bodies when we go to McDonald's? Of course it is, as they're the ones feeding it to us. However, the truth is that we're just as much to blame for it, as we could always make the healthier choices - or at least a few more healthy choices. The thing that this documentary proves is that healthy eating is a choice - one we either make or we don’t. The fact that this teacher lost 37 pounds and lowered his cholesterol while eating at the Golden Arches should really say something about the decisions that we've all been making. If we're gaining weight, suffering from high cholesterol, or having health problems, we're the only ones to blame. It's not about where you eat, it's about what you eat and how much of it! Stick with your Daily Nutritional Guidelines, and you'll find that the pounds will desert you in no time. Thankfully, for those of us that need an extra helping hand, we've got options like the Fat Loss for Life Guide, the Nutrition Guide, and the upcoming 30 Day Challenge. Click here to check out the nutrition guide! readu?  
[1] http://www.kcci.com/news/central-iowa/science-teacher-creates-documentary-based-on-mcdonalds-diet/-/9357080/23750942/-/w7swjt/-/index.html

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