How I Lost 40lbs In One Year

I would like to first say that I don't call this my before and after picture.  I like to think of it as my before and during pictures as I am still a work in progress.  The picture on the left is at my sister's wedding in 2011.  This picture is the one that changed my life.  I had always maintained a smaller frame growing up.  I played softball, basketball, and volleyball throughout high school.  I remained small up until about 2006.  In 2006 I turned 27, quit working as a bartender and went to work in a bank and also met my husband.  I am sure that it was the combination of being at a desk all day and getting comfortable in my relationship as well as a slowing metabolism that finally caught up to me and allowed me to put on the extra weight that was too much for my frame to handle. Over the next few years, I would battle my weight and my health.  I started having extreme acid reflux, GERD, and esophageal spasms. I was still a smoker, so that didn't help my case any.  I had fallen into a horrible rut and wasn't sure how to dig myself out.  In 2010, I got married and at that point had lost enough weight to fit into my wedding dress, but I still wasn't happy with the way I looked or felt.  I had finally quit smoking, (thanks to the help of my husband), who said we wouldn't get married if I didn't quit; but I was still unhealthy in my food choices and did not exercise at all. So, back to the picture above at my sister's wedding....  That was the game changer.  I remember looking at a picture of me at my sister's graduation and comparing it to the one above and thinking WHAT HAPPENED?  How did I get here?  Most importantly, How am I going to change it? So here are the main things I did to get to where i am now. 1) I started running.  I used an app that allowed me to go from no running to running a half marathon in the first year I started to run (I'm on the right). iPhone 5 Pictures 005 2) I stopped eating processed food, fast food, and excess sugar.  I would be lying if I said I gave up all sugars, but I did cut the majority out.  I also meal prep my food on Sundays. iPhone 5 Pictures 830 3) I began HIIT workouts with Lisa-Marie.  I did the real-time 3o day challenge and it changed the way I looked completely. iPhone 5 Pictures 481 4) I began weight training.  I started with a simple program and progressed from there smt There is no easy road to success.  Since my transformation began I have become an ISSA Certified personal trainer and I do online training and meal planning for many people throughout the country.  In 2015, I plan to compete in my first NPC figure competition in Chattanooga, TN.  Stay tuned for more progress pictures as I begin my competition prep over the next 6 months!  

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