Lotus Pose

Lotus pose is one of the most popular yoga poses. It is fantastic for opening up your hips and aligning your spine. Lotus Pose is also one of the best meditation poses, since it promotes a calmness of mind through a steadiness in your body. This said, you’ll want to avoid Lotus pose is you have knee problems or sciatica. To perform Lotus pose, begin by sitting on the ground with your legs crossed. Bring your right foot on top of your left thigh. You want to gently pull your heel up toward the top of your inner thigh. Do the same thing with your left foot. Keep your knees safe by keeping your feet flexed.

Some things to remember...

When you first try this pose, you may not be able to move your feet further than between your calf and your thigh - and this is OK. You want to ease yourself into Lotus pose. Be sure to keep your knees on the floor, and always be mindful of your body. You don't want to feel any negative stress, like sharp pain. In all yoga poses, you want to be able to breathe slowly and comfortably. Stay in Lotus pose for 10 or more deep breaths.

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