Love Actually Workout Challenge

It snowed today, the Bay’s amazing holiday displays are up, and the Santa Claus parade has happened. Yup. It’s Christmas time. WHICH MEANS, it’s time for my annual screening of Love Actually.   Whenever someone says the word “love” = 5 squat jumps Whenever someone says the word “actually” = 5 sumo squats Anytime you hear the song “Christmas Is All Around Me” = 10 push ups loveactuallymaxresdefault Any of Jamie’s (Colin Firth’s) terrible attempts to communicate with Aurelia = 10 bicycle crunches loveactually3-13 Any dramatic music swells = 10 supermans Whenever a storyline crosses over = 10 cross body climbers Love-Actually-Connections-all-love-actually-17756504-960-720 Anyone refers to Stephanie as fat = 20 second side plank, each side Any British swear word (bugger, wanker, bloody, sod) loveactuallyPiss-It Whenever Sarah’s (Laura Linney’s) phone rings = 10 diamond push ups Love-Actually-love-actually-578230_1024_576 Anytime you want to slap Mia (sultry secretary) = 10 buttkickers loveactually3-11Mia Whenever you spot a turtleneck = 30 seconds high knees Whenever something ridiculous about the nativity comes up = 10 Russian twists loveactuallyoctopus Whenever Sarah says “Karl” = 10 mountain climbers Anytime Sam is just too adorable to handle = 30 second bridge love-actually-2 Whenever Billy insults his manager = 10 calf raises   Because love actually IS all around us.

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