Love and Marriage: 4 Ways To Notice If Your Bickering Is Taking Its Toll

Marriage is complicated. Love is a beautiful thing and can connect you and your spouse on a variety of levels. At one moment in time you find yourself caught up in a lovey-dovey mood, the next you're deep in a detrimental argument. Why does it seem like you're living on a rollercoaster?
Are you in a marriage and fighting too much? Here's the difference between normal and detrimental. Most of us associate marriage with a bit of disagreement, which we assume to be normal, but how much is too much before that marital bliss seems to feel like a mere memory? Any couple will come up with trivial reasons as to how an argument stirred itself up. They claim it's over a mess in the bathroom, long lost dinner dates, lack of attention being given or received, or even who has to fold the clothes. Every couple has their bickering moments. But what is normal? 1. The In-Law Fight You can't take your in-laws downfalls out on your significant other. They're not always going to mesh well with your mood, or your general perspective, but you've just got to take it with a grain of salt. When you ought to become concerned is if you can't even stand being around them at all. 2. Sex Talk You might not be tangled up in the sheets as much as you used to be, and that's definitely normal. When you ought to be concerned is when the two of you are no longer in sync, in which case, explore ways to spice things back up. 3. Finances It's an inevitable topic, but when you're married, money becomes a biggie. Sharing something seemingly so valuable with your significant other can take its toll, especially when you're not on the same page. If it goes from a discussion to something that deeply upsets and discomforts you, then you need to talk it out. 4. Keeping Up With Friends Spending time with friends away from your significant other is totally normal, but if you find yourself spending more time with them than your partner, you'll want to reevaluate your motives.
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