Why We Love Comfort Food

There’s a reason that comfort food makes you feel all cozy inside. A new study from the University of Buffalo shows that despite what your choice guilty pleasure is, we’re attracted to foods that we associate a positive social memory with.

Our fav cheat treats are often the very same meals our family or loved ones used to make for us when we were kids. It’s this feeling of security and familiarity that draws us to that specific kind of food during times of emotional stress.

Comfort food is just that: whatever foods make you feel reassured, supported and , well, comforted. (Yes, that means those people who came from a veggie-loving families may actually feel just as comforted chowing down on carrots and hummus as you do on nutella and pringles. Jerks.)

While nothing is worse than these cravings, especially when you've been kicking your diets butt, consider indulging. Yes, yes.... too much comfort can wreck your diet, but trying to eliminate the entire category of "not good for me" foods may actually make you indulge more often and in higher quantities. Researchers found that you’re actually better off trying to balance the cheat treats and the healthy meals.

Even better news? We create new memories all the time! That means you can start brining your new love of clean eats to social settings, create wonderful memories and start craving those foods in times of need instead.

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