Love and Conflict - 4 Steps to Textbook Damage Control (And Mind-Blowing Make-up Sex)

How fighting can strengthen your relationship – and love life. By: M. Hector Let’s face it.  Being in a relationship is awesome.  Especially when it involves having a lots of things in common, combined with earth-shattering chemistry in the bedroom.  While these are absolutely key, they aren’t truly all it takes. Anyone in the dating game can agree that it’s only a matter of time before a fight will occur.  It’s completely natural.  In fact, it can make your relationship (and love life) better.  Need proof?  This article by M. Tarkovsky M.S. is a great read. 1) Chill. Scenario:  It’s been a rough day for you both, and you’re in one of those fights.  Hearts are racing, and words are about to let-fly.  STOP.  Breathe, and keep your head on!  When things “get real”, it’s easy to say things we don’t mean. Take a walk, have a time-out and try again later. 2) Get to the Point What’s the real issue?  Checking your inbox at dinner?  She might feel tuned-out.  Maybe the situation is reversed.  Perhaps you want her more involved.  Strong communication is the main ingredient.  Speak your mind, and encourage her to do the same. 3) Two Words: “I understand.” Validate her feelings.  Show her that you appreciate where she is coming from.  Confirm to one another that you’re taking each other seriously.  Get on the same wavelength. 4)  Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow! After a fight, the right endorphins and impulses of our bodies are spun-up and ready to fire.  If the two of you have managed to tackle the issue as a team, you’ll be ready to perfect your physical communication skills in no time.  

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