Love At The Gym

A little while ago I wrote a pretty scathingly sarcastic blog about how to attract guys at the gym (possibly too sarcastic, I think more than a few people thought I was serious), but maybe my scorn was unfounded. I came across an article about 5 couples who found love at the gym, and I have to admit, their stories are pretty cute.   loveatthegymErica-and-Robert1 Robert and Erica met at a running club, at the time they were living in different cities. Erica says, “For our first date, Robert said that he would be in town for a race, so that he had an excuse to see me. He then had to sign up for the race when I said yes to his date.”   loveatthegymluke-and-abi_crossfitgames Luke and Abi's story is a pretty whirlwind romance, Abi says, "In less than two years, Luke and I met, got pregnant, started a business, built a house, had a wedding, had a baby, organized a great CrossFit competition, and more." They met at a cross-fit box and now they own one together, who knew, cross-fit: the sport of love.   loveatthegymMelissa-and-Andrew_SoulCycle-wedding Melissa and Andrew are soul mates that met at a SoulCycle studio, with their first date being a 45-minute bike ride. Clearly cycling is important to this couple, as you can tell by their adorable t-shirts.   loveatthegymChrista-and-Adler_CrossFit-215-1024x1024 Christa and Adler, another cross-fit couple, are getting married in September. They use to run into each other on the weekends at cross-fit classes, but now drag themselves out of bed for the 6am workout of the day together.   loveatthegymjillalex_lindsaymaddenphotography Jill and Alex saw each other two mornings a week in their fitness classes before they went on their first date. I guess it was worth the wait as these fitness fanatics recently tied the knot. I still maintain that the gym is a place to workout, not flirt, but if you’re sweating up a storm and just happen to run into someone who you’d like to date, then why not give it a go? After all, they already share your love of fitness, right?

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