Why I Love The Gym Scale

If you read my previous blog about why you should ignore the scale and just work out, well, I’m a total hypocrite and still weigh myself. BUT, I am weighing myself less often, and trying to not focus on that number being the be-all and end-all of my fitness journey. Besides, I’m female, I’m allowed to be fickle, isn’t that a thing? So here are the three reasons that I love the scale at my gym:
  1. It’s old school. Not quite the one where you have to slide the thing at the top, but it isn’t digital, which is a big improvement over the scale that I have at home, where a sudden violent exhale could change your weight.
weightdigi 2. It’s not in my home. Ok, this seems like a pretty obvious observation, but the thing is that this scale is less scary. It doesn’t stare at me while I’m putting on make-up or brushing my teeth. 3. The numbers are very small. Especially because I don’t wear my glasses to the gym, these numbers are pretty far away and fuzzy, and the little red hand could be pointing to any range of numbers. Weighing-Scales-1 This is what I have learned in my appreciation of the gym scale: everything should be in terms of ranges; for example, I’m in my mid-twenties, under 5’5”, between 135-145lbs. It’s much better than obsessing over a specific number, so now, I will just try to lower my weight range. Want more of my self-realizations? Click here. 

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