Why We Love to Hate Maria Kang

blogger-image-1594588468 She's back. Maria Kang brings a new controversial photo using the same "What's Your Excuse?" message, but this time, she points out the excuses in which she does not allow to hold her back. Motivating? To some. However, she is still being blasted and people are left fuming at her message-again. Some moms are even firing back at the campaign's photo by making their own "I Don't Need An Excuse" picture, featuring their own "excuses." Women have also fired back on Twitter using the hashtag #ExcuseThis to list their excuses for not looking or being fit as Maria. miranda kang So, why do we love to hate Maria Kang? Because she is REAL and tells it like it is; no sugar coating allowed. She hits women's weak spots and she does not bullshit around. Many people need that wake-up call, but choose to feel victimized or bullied, but bullying the bully does not make your voice or message any louder. She has also been called a bad mother for looking the way she does. Is this just a case of the overly sensitive or do these women have a valid point against the fitness enthusiast? Have things been taken too far this time? As a fitness enthusiast myself, I totally get where she's coming from, yet I can also see why some people would have a problem with it. The truth is - some of us do have very valid excuses. Whether it be an illness, a health problem, or a lot on our plate - I get that. I believe she is not pointing the finger at anyone - it's a very generalized statement. She means: if you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually able to do it, then you should - if you want to.  In her new photo, she wants us to know that she has real excuses and does not use them to hinder her fitness goals. She is trying to inspire & motivate, not cause a frenzy. Perhaps, it's the whole wording of the campaign. Personally, I would have chosen something more inspirational such as "You can do it!" or "Believe in yourself!" but that would sound kind of boring compared to the in-your-face aspect of "What's Your Excuse?" post-25179-you-can-do-it-gif-Waterboy-Img-JC2V It is not secret that people love controversy and negativity. People feed off of getting pissed off at something or someone else. If there were no opposing sides or negativity in this world, then quite frankly, it would be a very boring place to live. Admit it - negativity and opposition makes things interesting. Do we love to hate her because she is just like us, excuses and all, yet she still manages to look like a fitness model? What some people choose not to see is that Maria Kang is far from perfect and even gladly posts photos of her stretched tummy skin & stretch marks from time to time. She has no shame in it and is proud of her hard work. What's wrong with that? Why can't she be a little bit cocky? Why can't we use the encouragement she brings or be proud for the woman? miranda kang Let's face it: We ALL have excuses or can easily make up one. Excuses do not get us anywhere nor do they help us to reach our goals, fitness related or not. If we choose to make excuses, that's fine. However, do not get upset over the lady who doesn't. Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_100603" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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