Love Your Yoga Pants? You May Love Them Even More After This

Ah yoga pants: ladies everywhere now use being workout-a-holics as the perfect excuse to be in you all the time. I mean, honestly- why wouldn't they? They're only the most comfortable clothing known to mankind (not to mention they make your butt look ah-mazing) But what do yoga pants really say about us?

Let there be joy everywhere, because our favourite "dressed down" look just got a serious perk.

According to a recent study at Harvard Business School, when you wear yoga pants outside of the studio or gym, they make you look like someone who should be taken seriously. It all comes down to attitude: as in, "I don't need fancy clothes to be awesome." Seriously!

In fact, the researchers write that wearing gym clothes in, say, a luxury boutique can lead others to perceive you as even more well-off than it's overly well dressed buyers. “It’s been found that under certain conditions, nonconforming behaviors, such as not following the expected dress code or the appropriate professional conduct in a given context, can signal higher status,” they write. “When the deviant behavior appears to be deliberate, it can lead to higher status inferences rather than lower ones.”

You're welcome.

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