Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks: Sip Slower, Slim Down

Looking for those zero carb, low calorie alcoholic drinks so you can stay happier during happy hour? It’s not always about the low calorie alcoholic drinks that is the issue, it’s your perception of how much you've drank. Here’s a tip, enjoy your favourite bevy in a straight-sided glass rather than a curved one. A University of Bristol study shows that people who drank from a straight glass consumed 60% less than those who drank from a curved one. The reason is a matter of perception. The halfway point of a straight glass is easier to gauge than, say, the halfway point of a brandy or wine glass. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying happy hour, but too much of a good thing can show up on your waistline. Drinking alcohol cuts your fat-burning engines by ⅓ and after a few drinks a few times a week, this stalling out can really add up. So be careful because those low calorie alcoholic drinks that you’re consuming aren't doing you any favours either; you can’t outrun the alcohol on the treadmill.

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