The Low-Carb High-Fat Debate: Does This Diet Really Work?

The fear of fat has been instilled in dieters for many years. Fat was named the principle diet component that was causing weight gain and clogging up out arteries. The big fat banish turned around as the trends changed, science found that actually fat was our friend. Healthy fat improves our good cholesterol, or HDL levels, as opposed to popular belief. Fat is even a good source of energy, as our body burns fat just like it burns carbs. So now low-carb high-fat diets have come into the limelight, promising energy and weight loss. The breakdown of these diets is that roughly 50% of your calories should come from healthy fat, 25% from carbs and 25% from protein. But with any fad, questions arise as to whether this diet plan could really work, and even if it's safe and healthy? Can Low-Carb High-Fat Improve Your Athletic Performance?  For athletic performance, a higher carb ratio is recommended. Carbs are a better fuel source if you're looking to up your speed. Although fat is better at increasing your stamina, helping you workout for longer. So it comes down to your personal fitness goals. However, teaching your body to derive its calories from fat can help keep your blood sugar stabilized, preventing hypoglycaemia. Can Low-Carb High-Fat Help You Lose Weight? One study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found a slight increase in weight loss by participants of a high-fat diet vs. a low-fat diet. They also experienced more body fat loss and maintained more toned muscle mass. But it hasn't been proven that an altered food balance can impact weight loss or weight gain levels over time. It is still up for debate whether this diet is the answer. There is certainly proof that it is not for everyone, and many are still questioning if it's a sustainable way of eating. Share your thoughts with us on Low-Cab High Fat! We want to hear from you!

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