Lululemon Does It Again

Let me preface this article by saying that I am a total Lululemon fan. I basically live in their wonder unders, and I cannot go back to wearing cotton in a hot yoga class. I have always had great customer service in store, and I love that you can get the pants hemmed for free. That said, Lululemon has got to get their sh*t together. I’m sure that most people on this site are familiar with, or at least have heard mention of the giant public relations nightmare that faced Lululemon not too long ago. Basically, the material of a few Lulu pants was too sheer, which would have been fine if they had just recalled the products, admitted their mistake, and Chip Wilson hadn’t made such offensive comments about the women wearing the yoga pants; that their thighs rubbed together, and stating that some women’s bodies just don’t work with the clothing. I mean, they make clothing for yoga, stretching is kind of implied. luluSheer-Yoga-Pants After that PR fiasco, a store in Bethesda, Maryland poked fun at Chip Wilson’s comment, by putting a display in the window with the poem, “Cups of chai, apple pies, rubbing thighs” which I actually found kind of funny, but I think it hurt more than it helped, and a lot of people took offense. lululemon But now it seems that Lululemon just can’t get away from bad PR. They’ve recently been scrambling to deal with this reselling issue, and as a result have thoroughly aggravated some loyal customers. Lululemon has a pretty stringent return policy, which means some customers have tried to resell the products on ebay. This is very different from people buying out huge quantities of one product and then selling them online at a higher price point. luluebay   So in a very big brother type way, Lululemon has been tracking reselling on ebay and other sites, and then banning the IP addresses of those found reselling Lululemon products. This would make sense if it only affected those “evilbayers” who do major reselling, but A LOT of loyal customers got caught in the crossfire. I honestly don’t know what’s happening with Lululemon right now, and here’s why: -       They’ll hardline something, and then come back a week later with an apology. -       The founder Chip Wilson has stepped down, the CEO Christine Day has left the company and was just replaced by new CEO Laurent Potdevin -       They’re in a transition to being a global company, but with a small company mindset. -       All of their PR snafus are having a snowball effect, this resale mess up is the straw that broke the camels back for a lot of loyal Lululemon customers, so they need to do something right, AND FAST. Bottom line: I’m still going to buy Lululemon products, I just really don’t want to feel ashamed about it.

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