Lululemon co-founder steps down

Lululemon co-founder Chip Wilson, who recently issued a formal apology for remarks he made about how "some women's bodies just don't actually work" for his company's yoga pants, has stepped down as chairman. In his apology video, Wilson looked directly into the camera and said, “I’m sad. I’m really sad. I’m sad for the repercussions of my actions." The damage was done for many former customers, some of whom complained that Wilson failed to address women he may have been offended. Some critics formed an online petition demanding a more sincere apology and calling on Lululemon to start making yoga clothes in larger sizes.   If you're not up to speed on the story, click here.   Wilson has been chairman and the largest individual shareholder of Lululemon since he founded the Canadian company in 1998 after drawing inspiration from a yoga class. He will formally step down as chairman before the company’s annual meeting in June, but will retain a board seat.   Though I don't feel his apology is the most heartfelt thing in the world, at least he did it. Many in his position could quit and slink away quietly. At least he stepped up and spoke. That being said...his choice of words: "I'm sad for the repercussions of my actions" seems kinda underhanded to me. He doesn't apologize for WHAT he said, just that he said it...   What do you think? Was he sincere? For those who were personally offended by his comments, do you find his apology enough to forgive?

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