Lululemon Lawsuit

I’m sure you remember the giant kerfuffle that occurred with the sheerness of Lululemon’s yoga pants, back in March of 2013. After a recall, several apologies, and a sweep of bad publicity, and the retirement of chief executive officer Christine McCormick Day, the issue seemed to die down. Just this past week, Lululemon Athletica shareholders took another blow as Judge Katherine Forrest dismissed their claims for $2 billion lost because of misinformation from the company. lululemonSee-through-Yoga-Pants1-804x600 I have to agree with this ruling, just based on the fact that as the article puts it, “the investor claims pointed to “at most, corporate mismanagement,” not securities fraud”. That isn’t to say that I agree that Lululemon should get off scot free, not that I think they have, since they’ve most likely lost a large number of customers. Bleeding colours and see-through yoga pants are not ok, and live models should definitely have tried out the clothes before they were released – since, ya know, they are made to SWEAT in. lululemon law2 I am a big lululemon wearer – I basically live in their wunder unders. I’m also a fan of a lot of the services they offer: free alterations and hemming, and if their pants get a rip in them or become bally you can return them for another pair or get them fixed for free, generally without issue. If the quality of pants keeps going down though, then I feel that there’s no way they’d still be able to offer these perks, as they’d constantly be needing to replace or exchange customer’s pants. Hopefully with the change up in management Lululemon can get their act together.

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