Lumo Releases Movement Tracking Shorts

There are many pieces of technology available to help you track vital data when you run. With an app, wristband or run watch, you can track your distance, pace, and heart rate but what about tracking the way you are moving? Enter Lumo Run, a pair of shorts for both men and women that use sensors to track your hip and pelvis movements to provide better insight into your run. shorts3 These shorts come from the same company that created Lumo Lift, a posture wearable that detected the movements of the upper body and spine. Lumo chose to focus on the hips this time since that is the origin of many running injuries. The shorts use an accelerometer and gyroscope built into a sensor in the back of the wasitband to measure your cadence, bounce, braking, pelvic rotation, stride and ground contact. shorts While you are running, Lumo run uses the data to give you live audio coaching through an iOS app (Android app to come) so you can adjust your form. If you aren't a fan of running with your phone, you can sync the data after the run and get insights into how you can improve the next time out. The Lumo Run app gives you charts after each run. When starting a new workout, the app gives you objectives to work toward with regard to your form and offers you guidance on how to achieve them. It can also track your distance and the way you moved during each segment of your run. shorts2 One of the best parts? Both the shorts and the sensor are machine washable. The sensor is easily removed for charging and Lumo is currently working on ways to extend the battery life to one month. The shorts, which come in a baggy style for men and a fitted capri for women, are currently available for preorder. The men's shorts are $99 and the women's are $119. This is a discounted price and the orders will ship in March 2016. After that, they will retail for $149 (men's) and $169 (women's). Obviously this is quite an expense for a pair of shorts but when you think about it, you are paying for the sensor and the coaching. Worth it if you are prone to injury and would like to avoid any more! Do you think this is a great innovation? Would you shell out the bucks for this? Source: CNET  

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