"Lust Vodka" Claims It's Product Will Increase Sexual Desire In Women

Can a gluten-free vodka make you horny? Florida based liquor brand Lust Vodka claims it can do just that. It says its sexual supercharging power comes from two main factors. #1 Lust Vodka supposedly will get women in the mood when they hear the name. #2 Secondly, Lust Vodka has a secret weapon that is also included in literally every other liquor out there....alcohol. Lust claims it's alcohol content will boost testosterone and estradiol in ladies that will get their libidos fired up. And that's it. There is no special sexual secret ingredient, so will this vodka be successful solely based on clever ad-speak? Experts say that as silly as it sounds, the psychology of it may actually make sense. The placebo approach (offering a product that boasts psychological benefits rather than actual physiological effects) has been shown in clinical trials to have an impact on participants. When people are told they are getting a product which will make them all hot and bothered, chances are they will begin to feel that way because they are in anticipation of it. So, a delicate mix of marketing and consumer psychology can be far more effective then actually finding any flirty elixir. And certainly after all the hype, people will be more apt to try the drink, boosting sales even further. What are your thoughts? Would you try the new Lust Vodka?

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