Lychees a Wondrous Fruit

One of the things I love about Summer are the fruits that are available. I eat a lot of watermelon and cantaloupe during Summer. I recently found a new exotic summer fruit and I can't get enough of it. Lychees or Litchis are a small golf ball sized white juicy fruit. They have a hard like reddish shell that you peel off of the white/transculent flesh. Exposing a seed like pit in the middle so you eat the flesh around the seed. They look a little weird because they are different from the fruit we grew up with but they are juicy and delicious.
They grow in Asian countries such as China, Taiwan and South East Asia.
Not only are lychees delicious they are also good for you and have many health benefits.
Lychees normalize blood pressure and  heart rate thus protecting against heart disease and stroke. If you consume 1 glass of lychee juice a day you will keep the doctor away.
Lychees also aids with digestion. They help keep digestion strong and cure heartburn and improve appetite. Lychees increase energy levels in your body, it truly is a superfood.
Next time you need a boost of vitamin C grab a lychee instead of an orange because they too are an excellent source of vitamin C.
As if that wasn't enough Lychees also help your skin, they nourish the skin oils which reduces acne.
Lychees are available July-October and I found you can get them at Trader Joes,  Whole Foods and speciality markets. So next time you are exploring the grocery store ask if they sale lychees you won't be disappointed you tried them.

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