Lying to Yourself Will Make You Thinner

Willpower is great, but in the struggle to lose weight - a little mental trickery may be better. Many women believe lying to yourself will make you thinner From buying clothes a size too small to eating from little plates, a study reveals many women don't just hit the gym to shed the pounds.

81% of the women surveyed said they bought clothing that doesn't fit to wear "when I'm skinny".

Eight out of ten women surveyed said they bought clothes that were too small to help them lose weight
More than half used small plates to trick themselves into having smaller portion sizes, with many saying a small plate full of food seemed better than a large plate which was practically empty.

45% said putting pictures of themselves looking fat on cupboards or the fridge deterred them from snacking, while 25% used pictures of slim celebrities.

But if the sneaky approach doesn’t work, women are happy to impose diet rules on their whole families.

More than 66% admitted banning treats for the entire family in an effort to avoid temptation.

Nearly half stopped their family from watching food programs on television and a quarter put pictures of slim celebrities on the fridge to give themselves a target to aim towards. One dieter said: ‘I once bought a skirt that was a bit on the snug side and finally lost enough weight to get into it during the summer. It took me the grand total of six years. I have to admit, I felt amazing when I finally put it on and it fitted. I will not be putting those pounds back on.’ Would you go this far to lose a few extra pounds? Use our nutrition guide to lose weight effectively/without starving your family. Click here to check out our 14-Day Nutrition Guide. eatclean

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