She Made Food Swaps, She Lost Weight (You Won't Believe How Much!)

Most of her life, Tara LaJevic weighed around 170 pounds. At 5 feet 9 inches, it wasn't a perfect weight but she says she felt okay with herself. However, she does admit that her diet was atrocious. She says, "I didn't really think about what I was putting into my body. Plus, I worked in the restaurant industry, where I was around unhealthy, yet tasty food all the time. But, I worked out a lot and loved taking cycling classes, so my weight stayed pretty consistent." Stayed consistent until she got pregnant, that is. She said the pregnancy saw her weight skyrocket to 220 pounds. After her daughter was born, she joined a weightloss program and got herself back to 175. Only that didn't last either. "Unfortunately, while I was on the program, I always felt hungry. So when I quit, I went back to my old ways and started putting the weight back on. By the time my daughter was in school, my weight had skyrocketed. Between 2012 and 2013, I'd gained 45 pounds and was too embarrassed to work out anymore," she says. LaJevic says she also began to eat more in the restaurants where she was working and everything started to creep up again. She eventually stopped weighing herself and "began avoiding mirrors, and pretended like nothing was wrong." All of that changed when a local news crew came into her work looking to interview some folks about an incident in the area. She was jacked to see herself on television. "But when the newscast aired, I couldn't believe how big I looked," she says. "I broke down. I actually went into a little bit of a depression. I felt really hopeless, but I tried to channel those emotions into researching how other people had lost weight." This is where she found her inspiration. Her mother had mentioned losing weight with the Atkins diet so that is where LaJevic began. She cut carbs and ramped up protein. She says it was hard to avoid bread and french fries at first but after while, she had it under control. "I actually learned how to stick with my eating habits when I ate out. I started ordering salmon with a side of veggies, scrambled eggs with chorizo, and salads." The results were amazing. She lost 20 pounds in the first 4 weeks and kept right on going. When she hit 175 after 7 months, she began to work out again. 1 year later she lost 92 pounds! She weighs 148 pounds and is wearing a size 6 for the first time as an adult! What an inspirational story. Want to follow in LaJevic's footsteps? She's got some tips for you: Hold off on weighing yourself at first. "When I began changing my eating habits, I didn't want to get discouraged if the pounds didn't come off right away. By waiting a few weeks to weigh myself, I stayed motivated during the hardest part of any lifestyle change. Now, I step on the scale pretty frequently to make sure I'm on track." Know that you can change yourself. "When I weighed around 180, I thought, "Well, this is how I look, and I can't change it." But nothing is permanent. When I decided to change my life for the better, I did it." You don't have to starve to lose weight. "Though, I was cutting back on certain kinds of foods, I never felt like I was hungry after a meal. I felt satisfied by eating lots of protein and veggies—which helped me stay on track with my good habits." For LaJevic's full story, check out Women's Health. I know many of you are on a weightloss journey, where did you find your inspiration? Share with us! Lose the weight with this energetic workout!

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