Madonna: Working out saved me from injuries after fall

As most of you probably know by now Madonna took a bad fall last week at the Brit awards. One of her dancers pulled on her cape and instead of it coming off, it pulled the 56 year old singer down a small flight of stairs. Other than whiplash she was not hurt. Madonna attributes her well being due to her workouts! The singer says thanks to staying active, she didn’t suffer much after falling during her performance at the Brit Awards. “If I wasn’t in good shape — tuck and roll,” the singer, laughing, said during an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday night. “I attribute a lot of the fact that I came out all right because I’m in good shape.”
MadonnaWhat is she doing these days to keep in shape? 
Madonna said she’s switched up her workout routines over the years to “keep things interesting, shock my body.” “I still do a lot of dance cardio. I started doing yoga again. I do interval training, metabolic interval training … jumping ropes; something called body art,” she said. “It has to change. You get bored doing the same thing over and over again.” Have any of you ever been in an accident or had a fall where your athleticism protected you? Being in shape is more than just looking good! Source:   Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog at

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